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Hiram A. McAdams

Jennie Robbins - Alice Rebecca Williamson

Hiram Augustus McAdams

Hiram A. McAdams


Hiram Augustus McAdams was born to John McAdams, Jr. and Hester White in Walker County, Texas on 8 Sep 1845. He died in Bedias, Grimes County, Texas on 28 Dec 1935 at the age of 90. Hiram is buried in the Bedias Baptist Cemetery, Bedias, Texas.

This site presents a complete history of the Hiram McAdams family and includes limited historical information about the John McAdams, Jr. (father), and John McAdams, Sr. (grandfather) families.  All of these individuals were Republic of Texas people, and the information is presented in the form of history articles, photographs, documents, letters, and standard genealogy reports.

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 Jennie Robbins (1853-1886)

Jennie Robbins


Hiram McAdams married Jennie Robbins on 18 Feb 1874. Jennie was born on 13 Oct 1853, and she died on 24 Oct 1886.  Hiram and Jennie had six children:

Alice Rebecca Williamson (1868-1918)

Alice Williamson


After Jennie died, Hiram married Alice Rebecca Williamson on 22 Jan 1892. Alice was born in Crenshaw, Alabama on 9 Mar 1868, and she died on 18 Dec 1918 in Bedias, Texas during the great flu epidemic. This marriage also produced six children: